Sunday, February 10, 2008

~Billy Bug & His Quest for Grub!~

I have found a very funny website that includes many fun and interactive math games. However, I have picked one called Billy Bug & his Quest for Grub!

This website can be connected to Grade 6 Mathematics: Geometry/Measurement.

In this website, students are helping Billy Bug who is stuck on a grid to locate the correct coordinates in order to feed him!

This site can enhance student's learning because not only is it very fun and entertaining, students will begin to practice these grid skills on their own. I think they will want to come onto this site just because it is so interesting.

How I would specifically use this site in a classroom would be to allow each student to log on with their own computer and to complete the game, then tell me how many they got right and how long it took them. This way I could judge which students are having difficulty with the topic.

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